Santa Christmas Sleighs

I made these little sleighs as place cards for our Christmas morning brunch. The nice thing about these sleighs are that they can be totally different depending on what supplies you use. You may add your own personal touch or favorite candy to make them unique.image

Here are a few examples that other people have made:







imageFrom Paige


Below I recorded the supplies and instructions of how I assembled my sleighs. Each sleigh cost about $3-4

List of supplies to make one sleigh:

regular tape

double sided tape

glue gun with low temperature setting

red ribbon

small jingle bell, optional (I added one to each sleigh because I found them at the dollar store 18 for $1)

Two candy canes (sleigh runners)

candy bar (base of the sleigh)

Santa chocolate bar

1.08 oz. box chewy lemonhead fruit mix

1 package of 4 necko PB crackers (dollar store)

small Hershey’s chocolate bar

Andes mint

small kit kat bar

2 small milk dud boxes

3 chocolate coins

chocolate milk balls with netting mesh.

Slips of paper for name tag (optional)

  1. Collect your craft supplies & candy stash!image
  2. Using regular tape attach candy canes to the bottom of the candy bar. I used two pieces of tape for each candy cane; one at the top and one at the bottom (tape runs perpendicular to the candy cane, not parallel)


3.With double side tape, secure the lemon head fruit box on the top of the candy bar. Then use a small dab of glue from the glue gun (low temp setting) to attach milk duds to the candy bar.


4. Take double sided tape and attach neko crackers to the fruit mix box, then Hershey’s chocolate, Andes mint and Kit Kay bar.


5. Holding the top of the netted candy bag, attach the bottom (where the little tail is) to the milk dud boxes with a small dab of glue. If you’ve opened the bag of netted candy, you can tie a ribbon around the top of the bag to keep the candy from spilling out (I opened the netting  and divided the candy balls between the sacks from the chocolate balls and the chocolate coins to make smaller bags. I also used extra netting that I had from the fabric outlet to make my own sacks. (You can also use the netting from clementine bags or yellow



6. Taking your chocolate Santa, place a small dab of glue on the front of the sleigh and place his boots there, positioning him so he is slightly leaning back against the stack of candy behind him.

7. Stack three chocolate coins ontop of the kit kat bar using double sided tape inbetween each coin and candy bar.


8. Gently place a ribbon under the sleigh runners and up over the chocolate coins to hold the sleigh together, tying a bow at the top.image

9. To attach a sleigh bell, gently pull the ribbon back (near the base of the knot) and place a small dab of glue to the underside. Attach the bell string.



10. Lastly, place your name card in the front of the sleigh, resting on both sleigh runners.


And you’re done! The Santa sleighs are ready to deliver their treats!


















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