Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies



sugar cookies (base)
white melted chocolate/royal icing or cookie icing
indian or candy corn (feathers)
mini chocolate chips (eyes)
confectioner’s sugar, red & yellow food coloring and a smidge of water for the feet & beak.
Pastry bag & icing tips for piping chocolate, eyes & beakIMG_1375

Pipe the melted chocolate (or icing) onto the cookie, using a butter or pastery knife to spread it evenly.
Take 7 or 8 pieces of indian corn and gently press into the chocolate around the top of the head.
Using two mini chocolate chip cookies place upside down (Pointed side faces the cookie) into the icing for the eyes.
Set aside to harden.
When the chocolate/ icing has hardened, it’s time to put on the feet & Beak.
Pour confectioner’s sugar into a bowl and add just a tiny splash of water so that you are able to stir the icing. (You want it to harden when you are finished, so you don’t want it too watery) Add food coloring until you like the color orange. If you need to add more confectioner’s sugar to thicken it up, you may.
Using a pastry bag & icing tip,  pipe on a beak and little feet.
Set aside until the feet and beak are hardened.



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