Crepes . . .  light and lovely . . . and perfect for breakfast or dessert!


Makes about 12 large crepes or 30 small crepes

Crepe Batter:
2 cups of whole milk
2 cups of flour
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
7 tablespoons of melted butterstraw (2 of 3)
Filling & toppings:
powdered sugar
cool whip
fresh fruit ( blueberries, sliced peaches, or sliced strawberries)
syrup of your choice (use a syrup that will compliment your fruit; I use Nesquick strawberry syrup for strawberries, blueberry syrup for blueberries, and caramel syrup for peaches)2010-1-2

Blend crepe batter ingredients in a blender and let mixture rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
Instructions for making crepes are explained very well by Brett Moore with photos. ( Below are essentially the same directions, in a smaller abbreviated form and some of the words may be different.
Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high heat.
Using a ladle, pour a few tablespoons of crepe batter onto the center of the pan.
Holding the handle of the pan, remove it from the heat and swirl the pan so the batter covers the bottom of the pan. You want to make the coating of the pan as thin as possible. If you have holes in the crepe, just add more batter to the pan to cover them.
Return the pan to the heat.
The batter will quickly dry and loose its shine. It’s time to turn the crepe over. Use a non metal spatula to slide around the outer edge of the crepe and loosen it from the pan. (The sides should easily come up if it’s ready to flip)
Use the spatula to flip turn over the crepe. It’s okay to use your fingers (that’s what I do). If you’re really talented, try flipping the crepe over in the air, just using the pan.
Cook about 30 seconds on the other side before gently sliding the crepe onto a plate. If you want you can stack the crepes in an ovenproof dish and keep them warm in the oven set at 195 degrees F.
Place your filling (a couple spoonfuls of cool whip and fruit in the center of the crepe. Fold over and sprinkle powdered sugar, a few slices of fruit and top with syrup. Serve with a good cup of coffee and enjoy 🙂

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